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April 24, 2015
100th year anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

PBS 2006 Documentary and Discussion on the Armenian Genocide
The Armenian Genocide and the New York Times 
AGHET in English - French - German


100 years of denial by the Turkish government

despite of many factual pieces of evidence regarding the deliberate atrocities committed by the Ottoman government at the time, including many photographs that were smuggled out and shown to the world.

Armenian Genocide Memorial

Each year on April 24 thousands of Armenians gather in Tsitsernakaberd to visit the Genocide Memorial and lay a flower there in commemoration of all the Armenian victims. There's also the Armenian Genocide Museum on the site. Thousands visit the site each year to respect the victims.

April 24, every year at Tsitsernakabert Line extends to pay respect
armenian-genocideagajanyan.wordpress Tsitsernakaberd
Hanged Armenians in public Armenian orphans to Greece, Syria
Hanged Armenians In 1922-23 Near East Relief evacuated 22,000 children from ophanages in interior Turkey to Syria and Greece
October 1915 July 1918
ng1918 ng1915
November 1919  
ng1919 ne relief


After 14 years

The armenianpages will no longer be updated

I regret to announce that after 14 years, will no longer be updated or maintained on regular bases.

ArmenianPages was never meant to be a commercial site, it was created to bring information and photos from Armenia at a time when there were not many photos or information available. That was the year 2000.

Since then, many things have changed, and circumstances have made it impossible for me to update or maintain this site.

Although, I am proud to say this site was:
The first to bring the first virtual reality panoramas from many places in Armenia, including many of the old churches.

The first to bring a series of 3D photos.

The first to bring Screen Savers.

And many one of a kind photos like the demolition of the Youth Hotel or as the locals call it “The Kukurus”.

The first to bring lists for hotels and restaurants in Armenia. Businesses local to L.A., including comprehensive list of banquet halls, bakeries, and restaurants.

Armenianpages is still on pages 1 to 3 in Google on many key words.
If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to EMAIL me at

Do you like what you see on these pages? If you do, then tell your friends and talk about us in the Armenian forums you might visit.

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